Industrial Disinfectant Spray Machine


Industrial Disinfectant Spray Machine


During the pandemic period, Germs & Viruses are all around us, it is not enough to kill germs & virus by using hand sanitizer spray, and it is easily evaporation before the sanitizer kill those germs and virus. Buy 8 bottle of 5 Litre UltraEjau Surface Disinfection, and get a FREE Fogging Machine.  you can save cost for calling disinfection team service, and UltraEjau Surface Disinfection are Condensed version, so you will need to adding water for dilute it before use. as result, one of original UltraEjau Surface Disinfection are able to mix upto 49 Bottle after diluted.

Caution: Please do not spray on human skin 

Fogging Machine Sprayer is able to working long hours, and it is suitable for Office, Residential, Shop Lot, factory and etc.  And it contains with a large capacity to allow you can spray wide area.  

Machine Power            : 1300W
Water Tank Capacity    : 4 Liter
Voltage                         : 220V / 50Hz
Spray Volume              : 150 - 260ml / min
Feature Instant            : 15 - 20 Minutes Heatup
Net Product Weight     : 3.3KG
Range                         : 8 - 10 Meter
Power Cord Lenth      : 6 Meter
Fogging Micron          : 30 Microns
Plug Type                   : 3 Pin Plug (UK Plug) 

Using Tips:
Every time fill in 4 liter, measure the machine have a rest around 15 - 20 minutes to rest the engine.
* 4 Liter can spray upto 1200 sqft

Warranty Period:
3 Months

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