KF94 Child Face Mask @ Earloop Type


KF94 Child Face Mask @ Earloop Type

RM3.00 - RM4.00

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Type: Children @ Earloop Type

Structure : 4 layers Disposable Protection Mask ( non medical mask ) , Nose clip (Wire), Ear band (Polyurethane) POWERFUL PREVENTION WITH FOUR-LAYER FILTERS. Waterproof mask (Melt blown filter,
Ergonomically designed for a comfortable fit and with 3D structure

* Correct wearing method
1.Open the mask and fold it
2. Stick the mask on your face, put your nose on the top,
3. Hang on the ear, adjust the size of the mask to completely cover the nose and mouth,
4. Use both hands to adjust the bridge of the nose on both sides of the mask.

* Features: 1. 4-layer protective mask: lightweight but not bulky, one more layer of protection and one more layer of peace of mind for your health.
2. Comfortable materials: Allows you to wear them for a long time without rubbing your face with elastic ear hooks.
3. Hanging ear design: elastic strap design, one size, suitable for most face types to provide you with comprehensive protection.

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